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Resiwell Rain Tank

Resiwell below ground water tanks are a popular water saving and supply system that harvests rainwater from the home. Installation of water tanks in Victoria is regulated by the Plumbing Code of Australia referenced in the National Construction Code.

Resiwell below ground water tanks are manufactured to your requirements.

  • Totally quiet.
  • Ideal for small backyards.
  • Suitable under driveways.
  • Available with light or heavy covers.
  • Extension risers available to increase depth of pit.
  • Lifting lugs set into all walls and/or base enabling safe correct lifting.
  • Reinforced wall thicknesses designed to withstand all vehicular traffic.
  • Available with a wide range of lockable manhole covers.
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Resiwell Rain Tank Products

2100 Lt

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3500 Lt

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7000 Lt

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10000 Lt

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